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  • 40 Best Bachelor Party Games | Ideas For Bachelor Parties

    Bachelor parties have become a lot more interesting, fun and creative than ever before. Here are just a few of the infinite possibilities to the traditional bachelor party of years past when guys just went to a strip club. 40 of the best bachelor party games that we could think of all piled into one place. Please share with us any other ideas for bachelor parties that you may come across.

    Any of these fun filled adventures can be converted or coupled to be a “Buck & Doe” party. The girls head off to do their thing, the guys do theirs then meet up afterwards. Everyone can share their stories of the day while continuing the fun with something different.

    Bar Hopping
    In Pittsburgh it’s called the “South Side Crawl. You get your tickets and hit as many bars as you can in the South Side. Other cities have different names but it’s an evening, or afternoon of enjoying your favorite drinks at numerous bars. Be sure to have a designated driver.

    Beach House Rental
    Rent a nice little beach hose for a weekend of get-away and doing nothing, or something. Surfing, swimming, beach games, beach fire just not sun burning.

    Bike Ride
    For those looking for something a little different rent some mountain bikes and spend a few hours riding the trails in the woods. City folk can rent bikes and travel around their fine city seeing all that sites. Many cities now have very popular paved bike trails. Plan a few stops for lunch and a beverage to keep hydrated before continuing the adventure.

    Get your local pool sharks together for an evening of celebrating with games of billiards. Make it a competition (friendly) to see who’s the best. Talk to the bar and see if you can reserve the room just for yourselves for a few hours.

    Bungee Jumping
    Contact the local bungee jumping group in your area for an afternoon of exhilaration. Whether you jump from a tower or bridge, this will be a day you and your boys will never forget.

    Camping/ White Water Rafting
    Pack up the tent, plenty of food and drink and head off to a campsite for the weekend. Plan for a rafting trip down a river with a nice campfire and cooking at the end of the ride. Bring a change of clothes and plans for a great endeavour.

    Cigar Smoking
    For those not looking for anything too strenuous, consider an evening of your favorite beer or wine while enjoying smoking cigars. Sample a few different brands, relax, share stories. A bachelor party need not be running all over town.

    Concert Event
    Round up the guys and head off for a night of singing along with your favorite band. Get front row seats for the groom and make it a lasting experience. Concerts needn’t be limited to just music. This bachelor party could take place at a jazz club, a playhouse, a piano bar or even a local adult comedy club.

    Book a weekend cruise out of Miami, Houston or California for a warm weather cruise or head north out of Baltimore, New York or Baltimore for a cooler adventure. Shows, swimming and gambling await you while you cruise. When docked head off for a little night on the town before heading home the next day.

    Dirt Biking
    Rent or provide your own and ride the back wood trails. Follow pre designated trails or make your own. Search for dirt bike courses in your area and rentals. Take a compass and don’t get the groom lost.

    Dude Ranch
    Similar to camping except you will have a large cabin to bunk down in. Enjoy some activities such as horseback riding, trail feast, campfire and so on. Some dude ranches will feature wagon rides, and swimming pools. It’s a super way to combine the out-of-doors with down home comfort.

    Head to a local state park, rent yourself a nice pontoon or motor boat for a one day fishing excursion out on the lake. If you live along the coast consider some deep sea fishing with plans to catch the “big one” and have it mounted to be hung in the new house game room.

    Strictly legal, of course, at one of the local casinos or pack up and head to Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Grab an evening show, sample some excellent food, and play for big stakes.

    Go Cart Racing
    Rent a few go carts and race around the track for an afternoon of excitement and boyhood fun. Be sure to get pictures and top off with a bottle of champagne for the winning car.

    Golf Outing
    Round up everyone for a few hours on the local golf course. Pair off in teams with the winners buying the first round of drinks for the groom at the clubhouse.

    Hang Gliding
    You don’t have to live near the ocean to hang glide, there are plenty of high points for lift off to enjoy your flight to the ground. Search your area for groups or services offered in your area.

    Herd Cattle
    Just like in the movie City Slickers. Head to a local Dude Rance and herd cattle for an afternoon of ridin’ the horses and ropin’ the livestock.

    Every state park has numerous hiking trails for an adventure into the wilderness. Get up close to nature, and possibly wildlife. Wear good hiking gear and plan for a nice lunch along the way. Remember not to touch three leaves of five.

    Home Remodeling
    Did the bride and groom just purchase their home and in need of a little touch-up. Why not have a big painting party with a cookout out back for the evening. Crank up the boom box and apply a fresh coat of paint to the future game room or den.

    Hunting Party
    Duck, pheasant or deer the choice is yours. The hunt begins early so put on your hunting attire and stalk your favorite game. No drinking until the hunting is thru.

    Karaoke Night
    For an inexpensive evening head to your favorite karaoke bar and sing your favorite songs. Whether as a solo or a group, guaranteed to be a ton of excitement with some not so good singing. But well worth the experience.

    Motorcycle Ride
    An excellent idea for those who know and are licensed to drive a motorcycle. Tour a few nearby attractions or just take in several hours of the sun and wind in your face. Make reservations at a nice steak house for a great meal before heading back home.

    Movie Night
    Turn the evening into watching full episodes of your favorite trilogy. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park or the Bourne Trilogy. Plenty of drinking, eating and reliving the adventures of your best movies. Create a quiz trivia at the end to see how well everyone paid attention to the movies.

    For the warrior in all of us, an afternoon of stealth and hunting, people. Teams track down your opposing team, capture the flag and return it to your base for the win. Proper eye protection can be rented as well as paintball air guns and ammo (soft gelatin balls filled with colored washable paint).

    Poker Tournament
    Get the gang together, bring out the chips and cards for a few hours of poker. Keep it inexpensive to play but still make it a challenge.

    Pool Party
    Rent out a nearby pool, use a pool at a condo or someone’s house. Order in some pizza, or fire up the barbecue and cook some great burgers and steaks. Team up for a little water polo competition.

    Quad Adventure
    If you own or can rent a few quads, blaze a trail thru the local wooded trails for some adventure. Spot deer, bear or other wildlife. End the trip with a nice bon fire and burgers.

    Whether it’s drag racing or something much larger like the Daytona 500, you and your friends will enjoy the race or stock cars, the smell of burning rubber and the rush of the cars racing around the track.

    Rock Climbing
    Climbing small or large rock areas can be an afternoon of fun. Charter a few hours of instructed rock climbing from a professional service. Remember to take photos of everyone when they reach the peak.

    Scavenger Hunt/Road Rally
    Turn the party into a scavenger hunt. Designate someone to create and set up the rally. Pair off in two’s while one person drives while the other navigates. Track down clues to solve a puzzle or fine the location for the big party afterwards.

    Shooting Range
    Competitive skills can come into play for an afternoon at the local gun range. Dust off your handguns or rifles and see who’s the better shot. Have everyone autograph the best target and frame it as a memory of your bachelor party adventure.

    For those skiing bachelors and friends, head off for a weekend at a ski resort. The mornings can start off with a good breakfast, then head to the slopes for some white powder adventure. Afternoons and evenings can consist of heading to the club house or soaking those muscles in the jacuzzi or hot tub.

    If you have never experienced skydiving it’s like a rush you can’t explain. Book your adventure at the local airport with an experienced instructor. For those afraid of heights they can take pictures or film the excitement.

    Again those fortunate enough to live near one of our coastlines snorkeling for a few hours can be a lot of fun, especially if you are in some of the warmest waters. Deep colorful corals and abundant fish await your arrival.

    For the sports enthusiast, there are numerous choices available. Get tickets to your favorite football, hockey, basketball or football team for several hours of game day action. Some stadiums offer clubhouse rooms that can be rented with plenty of food such as hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos and cheese and drinks. Having your own room you can make all the noise you like while enjoying your favorite team.

    Strip Club
    Rent a limousine, pick up the guys and hit all of the local strip clubs. Limit time at each one by an hour then head to the next club. Finish up back at your local bar to share everyone’s stories. Remember to bring your one dollar bills.

    Video Gaming
    Competition with your best buds in games of Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto or racing. Put it on a big screen tV for a night no one will forget.

    For bachelors with access to a nearby beach, volleyball and surf go together like nothing else. Spend the afternoon with several competitive games then as the evening rolls around top off with a tasty lobster or clam bake.

    Whiskey Bar
    Sample some of the best whiskeys available at your local whiskey bar. Learn the heritage while enjoying your favorite beverage.

    Wine Making
    If the wedding is in the fall head to a local vineyard to pick grapes and help them press grapes. Learn how wine is made then sample/purchase some of your favorite wines.

    It is important to enjoy the adventure of the bachelor party and not make anyone feel uncomfortable. While many may consider a trip to a strip club fun, some may find it awkward or offensive. Choose something that everyone involved can have a good time celebrating the last night their friend is single.

    There is no room for pranks or surprises that are humiliating. It’s about a few hours or a weekend of getting away from the norm and enjoying the company of your best friends. Do not mingle alcohol with anything dangerous such as driving, hunting swimming etc. Save the drinks for afterwards so that all can remember this celebration for years to come.