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  • Text That Tune | Music Trivia Game

    We are the creator and host of the new and exciting music trivia game Text That Tune. Gather up your friends and head to the closest venue sponsoring us. If you would like to sponsor Text That Tune at your venue please contact us for availability.

    Text That Tune is an interactive music trivia game competing teams of 3-4 people against each other to correctly identify the title of the current song playing, by means of their smart phone, tablet or iPod touch. Text That Tune is absolutely free to play*.

    From the very first note you are in a race against time to beat the other teams to identify the title of the song playing. The quicker your correct response, the higher the points awarded your team.

    The final song allows you to wager your accumulated points on your ability to correctly identify a songs artist or band. This gives everyone an opportunity to beat the other teams and win the Text That Tune game.

    Songs are pooled from a collection of over 40,000 top hits ranging from the 1960's thru today, covering a variety of music genres. Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Old Skool and more.

    Test your knowledge of great music against others absolutely free, you need only register and sign in by use of your electronic device.

    First Time Players-

    Register your team by messaging/texting Text That Tune and your Teams Name (10 characters or less) to
    djrockinsteve@icloud.com Your team name will be generated (unless already taken) and you're all set to play.

    Returning Teams-

    You need only sign in by messaging/texting Text That Tune to djrockinsteve@icloud.com. Your team name will be the same as last time. Returning teams using a different device, must register the new device as indicated above. Please message/text your Teams Name and the words New Device.

    When the next Text That Tune set is to begin the Game Master will make an announcement indicating so.

    Songs 1-14 Identify the Songs Title

    Correctly identify the Title of the next played song as quickly and accurately as possible. Abbreviations are not permitted and answers will be judged based upon the recording studio's information.

    Check for accuracy before sending your text as additional texts for that song will not be counted.

    Song 15 Identify The Songs Artist/Band

    You will be allowed to wager any, all or none of the points awarded from the current game being played. Upon completion of song 14, you will be notified of your point standings. Text the total number of points you wish to wager on correctly identifying the artist, or band of song 15.

    If you correctly identify the songs artist or band, as reported by the recording studios label, the points wagered will be added to your overall score. If you fail to correctly identify the song's artist or band, your wagered points will be deducted from your overall point count.

    The team with the highest score will be announced as the winners for this round.

    WARNING​ The use of any electronic means to identify a song's title or artist, over the internet is prohibited. Contestants caught doing so will forfeit their points. We also ask that you do not shout out the song's title and or artist and ruin it for others.

    * Standard carrier rates may apply.

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