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  • Wedding Cake Projection Mapping | Weddings Latest Trend

    The latest and most exciting wedding trend these days is derived from merging your wedding cake and a process called "projection mapping". Simply explained imagine your engagement pictures, or baby photos projected upon the sides of your wedding cake. Whether it's a round or square, single or multiple tier cake, this can be done creating something never thought of until recently.

    Most commonly mapped are large buildings, automobiles or even live models. By taking a two dimensional object such as pictures, videos even animation by use of a projector and specialized software, you can create a 3D effect upon just about anything, including wedding cakes. It's an amazing way to bring your cake to life.

    With wedding cakes normally small in size as compared to large walls or cars, the need for large projectors and powerful lights is no longer needed. Neither, in most cases, is the need for a secondary table to hold the projector and computer(s). For a wedding receptions you would still want to keep the area clean and wedding oriented.

    At wedding receptions a second table creates problems with guests walking between the light source and the cake, or a mischievous child making hand shadows on a thousand dollar cake. Depending upon the overall size of your cake we can eliminate the need for a secondary table keeping your cake table the center of attention.

    Images shown upon the sides of your cake can be still and slowly change or appear to move slowly to give a more life like appearance. The most common are pictures of the bride and groom. Consider baby photos upon the upper tier(s) and a few of your engagement shots on the lower layer, as in the photo to the right.

    The upper tier depicts two hands forming the heart shape, the second layer show individual video of the bride and groom as they were growing up. The lower layer shows photos of the couple as they were dating. It makes it exciting for the wedding guests see something different on each side of the wedding cake.

    Include your names, wedding date or clever romantic quote. This will give your wedding guests something extra to talk about as I'm sure they have never seen this before, let alone read about it.

    Recently Disney brought the art of projection mapping into light by projecting an animated video of Tinkerbelle flying around the cake and a horse drawn carriage making it's way across the bottom tier. This has set off many brides, and grooms imagination running wild as to what they can do to make their wedding day something spectacular.

    For our clients we offer a wide variety of possibilities to turn an ordinary wedding cake into something many brides only dream about. For a better understanding on what we are talking about watch the video below. Prices vary depending upon what is desired but can actually be very reasonable.

    Check back as we will be posting additional pictures and videos of our most recent wedding cake projection mapping works of art. Perhaps you too may become a part o f this quickly growing wedding trend.