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  • Circuit Center | Lindsay and Steve P.

    August weddings can sometimes be hot and humid but having the wedding reception at the lovely and spacious Circuit Center there is never a problem. This was the case for Lindsay and Steve, our newlyweds who arrived via limousine and immediately made their way to the bridal suite to get freshened up and enjoy some hors d'oeuvres.

    Steve and Lindsay and Steve were married at St. Philip Church in Crafton among many friends and relatives. Following the 2 PM ceremony the bride, groom and their entourage headed out for some lovely pictures while their wedding guests took in the atmosphere at the Circuit Center.

    The cocktail hour was held in the foyer and on the rear patio. Guests enjoyed a variety of beverages and light snacks. Music played both indoors and out getting the guests in an even more festive mood. A glass table directory for guests table numbers, a photo frame for all to sign and even a captured image of when Steve proposed to Lindsay at the beach gave guests something to admire during this time.

    Once the bridal party arrived and was getting refreshed, all the guests were welcomed in to the main ballroom. We lit up the entire facility with red up lighting with an exact match to the halls wall sconces which had a red gel overlay in place. This gave the venue a different look that for other weddings held here. Centerpieces were floating candles on a mirror accompanied by red daisy's and votive candles.

    Once everyone had taken their seats the real fun began. Introductions starting off with Lindsay's parents followed bt Steve's parents. Both couples entered with big smiles upon their face to a crowd of cheering overly excited people.

    The bridal party entered to the sounds of Bruno Mars song, "Marry You". Each couple doing their own little dance as the applause grew for each couple. All made their way to the long head table backed by a huge curtain backdrop which concealed the stage. It made the event even more elegant.

    Once all the members of the bridal party had their entrance and the ring bearer and two lovely flower girls made their way in it was time to introduce our newlyweds. Steve and Lindsay entered with the continuation of the song "Marry You" playing. Everyone was on their feet cheering and screaming as if to show their approval for these two fantastic people getting married.

    First order of business was to cut their 3 tier wedding cake. A gorgeous confection with rose petal design on the lowest tier. "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland was the selection for the background music as they each sampled a small bite of wedding cake.

    Once the cutting of the cake was completed they made their way to the head table where both the best man Phil, and Amanda the maid of honor gave a very nice and professional toast. A blessing followed given by our groom's Uncle Ralph.

    Catered by the Fluted Mushroom, dinner was a buffet of wonderful tasting and carefully prepared foods filling all who made their way thru the buffet line. A wide variety of music selections were played giving guests an opportunity to converse on some of their favorite tunes.

    Once Lindsay and Steve completed their meal they mingled with their guests until all had finished their dining experience. Wedding cookies were also available for those who left room as well as a delicious wedding cake for dessert.

    With dining wrapping up it was time for the newlywed's first dance. They selected one of our favorites by Brad Paisley, "Then". If you listen to the words you just may begin to understand why it is indeed one of the many we absolutely love.

    Lindsay enjoyed a few private moments on the dance floor with her father in a traditional father and daughter dance. The selection was "I Loved Her First" by Heartland. Steve followed with a special mother and son dance to the song "The Perfect Fan" by the Backstreet Boys. Being very close with her mother, Lindsay danced with her mom to Carrie Underwood's hit "Mama's Song.

    Once these formalities were completed guests quickly made their way to the dance floor celebrating this couples marriage. Many of their favorite hits were played including the "Wobble" by V.I.C., "Let's Get Married" by Run DMC, some Earth Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson and even a few country tunes. A wide variety for all to enjoy.

    Before the completion of the evening Lindsay tossed her bouquet to a group of single ladies. Beyonce's hit classic "Single Ladies" was her selection and congratulation to the Mercedes, the lucky recipient of the flower toss.

    Steve did remove his wife's garter in style, showing off his dance moves to EnVogue's hit "Whatta Man" All those surrounding the couple were singing along with the music. The garter toss followed to the reggae song "Who Let The Dog's Out" by the Baha men and a quick congratulations to Matt, the recipient of the garter.

    The formalities concluded as Mercedes allowed Matt to slide the garter upon her leg while "Like A Virgin" by Madonna was the selected song played, then it was back to dancing until the evening was over. So much great music and so little time to fit them all in.

    The evening concluded with those remaining singing along to some of their favorites on the dance floor with the newlyweds and the bridal party. One of the bridesmaids and Lindsay's favorite was by Wilson Phillips, "Hold On". A female power ballad that had them singing their hearts out. A great way to recall one of the most memorable days of your life.

    We wish Lindsay and Steve the absolute best of health, happiness and opportunities as they embark upon their new life together. It was indeed a pleasure to have the opportunity to be a part of Lindsay and Steve P. wedding day celebration at the South Side's Circuit Center.

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