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  • South Franklin Firehall | Amanda and Aaron

    It's always a good sign when guests leave the concluded ceremony and head straight to the reception. It means everyone is very excited to celebrate the marriage of two wonderful people. This was the case for Amanda and Aaron Cerciello's wedding reception being held at the South Franklin Firehall just south of Washington Pa.

    Once guests arrived at the venue they got their drinks and nibbled upon some light snacks comprised of fresh fruit, cheese, italian bread and pepperoni. Just enough to hold them over until dinner is served.

    The very eager bridal party arrived vis limousine and were anxious to get the party started. Aaron, Amanda, their parents and bridal party were lined up and the introductions commenced. The bridal party entered and danced their way in to "Moth's Wings" by the band Passion Pit. The newlyweds entered to the Cure's classic hit "Just Like Heaven".

    The first order of business was their first dance in front of approximately 170 guests. They chose "Paper Kites" by the group Bloom. It wasn't hard to see that these two were deeply in love and this was going to be a very memorable day.

    The wedding toasts were given by both Nathan the best man and Ellen the matron of honor. Pastor Steve Dunlap offered the blessing then after a few quick announcements the buffet dinner was underway.

    As guests finished their meal they made sure they signed the guest book and left their mark on the wishing tree. As dining was coming to a close Amanda and Aaron cut their gorgeous 3 tier wedding cake. The classic song "I Can't Help Myself" Sugarbunch" was the choice for this formality and many guests took advantage of taking a few pictures along the way.

    While everyone was being served wedding cake Amanda took time to have a special step-father and daughter dance. The iconic Louis Armstrong song "What A Wonderful World" was the choice for this dance.

    Aaron followed with dancing with his mother to "A Simple Man" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. As the brides dad Melvin danced with Amanda to "Tupelo Honey" by Van Morrison to complete the parent dances.

    All of the guests were welcomed to the spacious dance floor and danced to many of their favorite songs ranging from the 60's thru today. There was something for everybody including a few line dances and country hits. Just as the dancers were getting tired and needed a few minutes to catch their breath a bridal dance was held.

    Giving the wedding guests an opportunity to dance with both Aaron and Amanda the Redovy, a polish wedding dance was held. Nathan and Ellen our best man and matron of honor assisted with the monetary donations and shots of alcohol. A fun time was had by all.

    Once the money dance was concluded Amanda tossed her bouquet amongst many single ladies. Congratulations go out to Kim, one of our bridal party bridesmaids, for catching the lovely bouquet. All this while the Cardigan's "Love Fool" played in the background. There was plenty of excitement to go around.

    Aaron followed the bouquet toss by removing his wife's garter. Folks cheered him on while Rod Stewart's pop hit "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" played. Then it was time for him to toss the garter and see who was going to be the lucky recipient. The bachelors lined up as Daft Punk's top 40 hit "Lucky" filled the air. The countdown was given 3,2,1 and away Aaron tossed the garter.

    Congratulations to the lucky bachelor Jack, who then placed the item on Kim's leg. With Amanda and Aaron standing behind Kim as Jack did his duty "Foxy Lady" by Jimi Hendrix took us out of these formalities and back into dancing the night away.

    The fun and excitement grew so much that the reception went on later than anticipated giving us time to play all of the families favorite dance tunes. The evening concluded at 11:30 with everybody celebrating to their fullest.

    All of the great times would not have been possible without the assistance of Amanda, Aaron and their bridal coordinator Ashley Broskey from AB Occasion Design located in Washington Pa. It was a wonderful time for all and we were so happy to be included in the event.

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