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10 Creative Napkin Folds Worthy Of A Wedding | Part 1 of 2

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If you are planning a Do-It-Yourself wedding and wish to amaze your wedding guests with your creativity, we have an idea for you. 10 creative napkin folds worthy of a wedding that are easy to do, and will have your guests asking "How did you do these?"

Tablescaping has become somewhat of an art over the years and actually covers a fair amount of your venue's viewing area. By carefully selecting your table linens, and assembling them properly, you will help to enhance the appearance of the room. The table napkins especially can become a topic of conversation with just a little bit of pre-planning and practice.

For this very reason we have selected out of the many folding possibilities, 10 attention grabbing wedding napkin folds. With simple directions and images depicting each fold you can become a master at folding your formal or informal napkins. I suggest practicing along with anyone else helping to set the tables ahead of time to become quick and accurate in the art of folding napkins.

You may have seen some of these folds in the past at various events and wondered how to do that, well now you can. The size of the napkins are approximately 20 inches square. Find one that inspires you and get started today because, your wedding is just around the corner. For simplicity we turned this into 2 separate blog articles. Have fun!

Single Pocket Napkin Fold
An extremely easy and quick napkin fold which is perfect for an outdoor event or afternoon luncheon.

Step 1-Start by laying the napkin down squared off, then fold over the left side to the right making the cloth half it's original size (Image 1).

Step 2-Fold up from the bottom about 4 inches, then repeat it again folding up another 4 inches (Image 2).

Step 3-Now turn the napkin over and fold both sides in toward the center to the center, plus an inch. Tuck a flap into another to help secure the napkin together.

Step 4-Turn the napkin over again and insert your silverware into the pocket. You now have a single pocket folded napkin. Congratulations.

Tree Folded Napkin
This style will require practice and is slightly more difficult than others depicted here.

Step 1-This design will benefit with a light coat of spray starch and ironing is recommended. Place the cloth on the table in front of you square. Grasp the left side and fold it over to the right with the hemmed edges together on the right, and the fold far left. The napkin is currently a rectangle shape (Image 1).

Step 2-Take each corner and triangle fold inward meeting the other corner (Image 2). Iron both ends lightly.

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Step 3-Fold the 2 ends inward just slightly past the center point (Image 3). Note how the one end slightly overlaps the other. Again we recommend a quick iron press.

Step 4-Now pick up the napkin at the center area on both the left and right sides. Fold it backwards making the napkin half the size it was. Note how the tip of the napkin slightly extends beyond the top (Image 4).

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Step 5-With your right hand, lift the bottom corner up and towards the center so that you can grasp the upper right edge of the napkin and fold it inward. Repeat for the left side (Image 5).

You now have 2 triangle cloth pieces on each side. The napkin now appears to be triangular shaped. Iron gently.

Step 6-Stand the napkin up, then fold in half left to right so that the entire napkin is a triangle. Lay flat and press with an iron.

Step 7-All that is left to do is stand the cloth up and gently open up to form 4 triangles looking like a tree. You can add a tiny star ornament to the top for some flair (Image 6).

Pyramid Napkin Fold
This is probably the easiest way to fold a napkin yet still give the appearance of a formal style. You may recall seeing this style ant many sit down restaurants.

Step 1-Fold the cloth into a triangle (Image 2).

Step 2-Rotate the napkin so that the folded edge is facing you and the point is at the top. With your right hand, grasp the lower right corner and lift up to the upper point (Images 3- 4).

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Step 3-Repeat with the left corner so that your napkin looks like a diamond as in image 5.

Step 4-Flip the napkin from left to right keeping the open end away from you (Image 6). Now grasp the upper tip and bring downward towards you Image 7).

Step 5-Flip the cloth from left to right keeping the open ended area towards you (Image 8). Lift and fold napkin away from you in the center to stabilize it as it sits on the dinner plate.

Napkin Pouch Fold
This will take a little practice but can be mastered quickly.

Step 1-Iron all of your napkins flat. Take one napkin and fold on the diagonal (Image 2).

Step 2-Grasp the upper and lower right corners and fold to the left (toward the left point) halfway as in image 3.

Step 3-Fold the upper part down toward the center as in image 4.

Step 4-Fold the lower corner upward towards the center as in image 5.

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Step 5-Fold excess around the napkin so that yours looks like ours in image 6.

Step 6-Stand upright, then fold one point down to the front, the other to the back. You have just created a pouch.

As an added bonus insert a votive holder, add a few drops of water and insert a small flower or two. The small amount of water will keep the flower(s) fresh until dinner.

The Pendant Fold Napkin Technique
Step 1-Press your napkins with an iron. With your cloth appearing as a square, bring the top and bottom to the center, making a rectangle longer left and right than up and down.

Step 2-Fold each corner (4) inwards to the center (Image).

Step 3-Now fold each of the outer points inward to meet in the center as in image . You may wish to press the napkin with your iron.

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Step 4-Turn the napkin over, then fold all corners inward to the center as in image . Press with the iron.

Step 5-Flip napkin over again, now lift the free center flaps up slightly so that they are not flush with the rest of the napkin.

All that remains is to insert your silverware under the flaps. You can substitute silverware with an elegant flower.

The Rose Napkin Fold
You will need 2 small napkins each a different color. One a reddish color and the other a greenish color.

Step 1-Take your green napkin first and lay it out like a triangle. Fold the upper tip downward to the bottom tip.

Step 2-Fold in half again along the diagonal, keeping the triangle shape.

Step 3-Fold again (Image 3). The leaf portion of your design is created.

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Step 4-Take the red napkin to make the rose piece. As in the first fold on the other napkin, fold the upper tip downward to the bottom corner.

Step 5-Grasp the lower tips and fold upward just slightly above the fold (Red Image 1). Now roll left to right tightly to create the rose.

Step 5-Insert the red napkin into the green napkin as in the red image 3. Now push this design into a small glass for a rose folded napkin. Congrats!

10 Creative Napkin Folds Worthy Of A Wedding | Part 2

Special thanks to BuzzFeed for their images.

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