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DVD Video Presentations

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Over the last several years we have been creating an elaborate DVD Video Presentations for our couples of their childhood pictures, including friends and families. Much like a DVD you would purchase at a store, these are customized for each couple complete with title pages, credits and a variety of music synced to the photos.

The pictures segue into each other in a number of different ways making this DVD very personable and enjoyable. They bring back lots of memories for the friends and relatives of the family whether it's the brides first Holy Communion or when the groom played baseball, or sometime the family pets over the years.

Each couple receives their own DVD in a case as well as each set of parents for them to watch over and over and treasure for years to come.

Don't mistake this for a generic slide show or random pictures flipping every 3-4 seconds. Created in a high definition and as if it were a movie on it's own we have not seen any other DVD Video Presentation done quite like these.

For additional information contact me at the number below.

DJ Rockin Steve Credo


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