Wedding Worksheets

Wedding Reception Information Sheet

Please print and fill out these sheets out as best you can and we will review them at our final meeting which can be around one month from your reception.
(Please Fill Out Names Phonetically, This Will Help Me With Their Pronunciation)

Please contact me should you have any questions.

Your Names

Phone Numbers

E Mail Address


Day And Date Of Reception

Location & Time Of Ceremony

Location Of Reception

Hours of Play (example x to x)

Number of Expected Of Guests

Time Of Cocktail Hour

Time Of Dinner Hour

Dinner-Sit Down, Buffet Style, or Stations

First Dance (Before or After Dinner)?

Cake Cutting (Before or After Dinner)?

Color Of Brides Maids Gowns

Bride’s Mom’s Gown Color

Groom’s Mom’s Gown Color

-Bridal Party

-Bride and Groom

Parents of the Bride (Mr. and Mrs.)

Parents Of The Groom (Mr. and Mrs.)

BRIDAL PARTY (First In After Parents – Order First Thru Last)

Brides Maids escorted by Groomsmen

esc. by

esc. by

esc. by

esc. by

esc. by

esc. by

esc. by

esc. by

esc. by

esc. by

Flower Girl(s)

Ring Bearer(s)

Maid / Matron Of Honor

Best Man

(Mr. and Mrs.)

First Dance Song

Cake Cutting Music

Person Giving Toast(s)

Person To Give Blessing

Father / Daughter Song

Mother / Son Song


BRIDAL (MONEY) DANCE Yes __________ No __________
(If Yes, Will It Be The Redovy (Polish Dance) Yes / No
(Will shots be offered? Yes __________ No __________

(Yes _____ No _____)

Bouquet Toss Song

Garter Removal Song

Garter Toss Song

Placing Garter On
Bouquet Recipient Song

Please list a few
of your favorite songs.

Please list any songs you dislike, or type of music you do not care for. We do not play the Chicken Dance, Macarena, Hokey Pokey and Rap unless you request.